5 Reasons to Keep Homeschooling After Coronavirus

As the school year wraps up and you are wondering how you ever made it through the last month or two, you may be thinking "I can’t wait til schools open again!" If that is your mindset then you may not be ready to hear this, but there are 5 really important reasons to continue homeschooling after Coronavirus.

Reason #1 - Flexibility

There is no denying that with work at home orders you have had to be flexible and adjust your work and home schedule to make the last few months manageable. Commercials are showing the bathroom as the break room, the basement as the entertainment room, and the backyard as the camping area. Kitchen tables have been turned into desks and children’s rooms into forts. Everyone’s lives have been transformed.

Through this pandemic, people have learned how flexible they really can be while still accomplishing their job. Some companies have learned that their employee's efficiency has shot through the roof since working at home. Some parents have realized how great it is to work from home and have the flexibility to see their families more.

While families with kids tied to school systems plan their family vacations around fall break and spring break, homeschool families plan their vacations around reduced tickets and seasonal slow times to maximize their dollars.

While kids in brick and mortar schools have highly formal schedules of class time, homeschool students can take advantage of opportunities afforded them during the day and work in their school around those great opportunities.

For homeschooling families, one of the most important benefits is the flexibility it affords them to prioritize what is important to them and still get school work accomplished.

Reason #2 - They won’t be young forever

While you have heard the admonition ‘they won’t be young forever,’ do you take it to heart? For those whose kids have already grown and left home, they know exactly what this means. If your kids are 2 and 4 years old, you are praying it’s true! You are worn out and exhausted from the daily demands of toddlers. But as they grow up, you will look back and wish you had spent more time with them. This is a universal truth that some young parents hear and ignore and then when they are older they realize and regret. Don’t let that be you!

Do something today to change your life’s course from just sending your kids to school because that’s what everyone expects, to actively being with your children more hours in a day. When you choose to keep homeschooling after Coronavirus you will spend more time with your children. The average child spends 4 months of waking hours per year in school. That is one-third of their life! What milestones did you miss during that third of his life? What doors opened during that third of her life that you missed being part of? What obstacles did he overcome that you weren’t there to cheer him on? So much of a child’s life is spent at school. Capture that time with them before it slips away.

Reason #3 - They will learn more

Studies show that the student/teacher ratio has a dramatic effect on the education of a child. And any teacher will tell you that what they learned in the classroom was way more beneficial than anything they learned in college. Furthermore, it is known that a tutoring situation demands an individualized plan that allows children to learn at their own pace. Homeschooling your children capitalizes on all of the benefits of education while avoiding the less desirable features of larger classes and less individualized attention.

The reality is that you can’t get much better than a teacher/child ratio of 1:1 or even 1:4 if you have a larger than average family. We also know that a teaching degree doesn’t make everyone a great teacher, and plenty of wonderful "teachers" in our lives had no degree. A love for your topic and a love for your students are the attributes that are continually hailed as the hallmarks of great teachers.

You already love your students. You know them better than anyone else. And you care about them more than anyone else. You have more of a desire to see them succeed than anyone else. You will go to greater lengths to make sure they get the best education possible. For the younger years that might mean you being the full-time teacher. At some point in middle school or high school, you might seek out content-specific teachers to teach your child areas of education in which you are not as confident. That is just one of the benefits of homeschooling.

By continuing homeschooling after Coronavirus, you will be overseeing their entire educational plan, even if you aren’t teaching every subject. You are ensuring a better education for your children than you can ensure while your children are in a brick and mortar school. In the end, they will have the opportunity to learn more.

Reason #4 - You can do it

When Covid-19 first sent the children home from school you were probably in a panic thinking “How on earth can I do this?” Over the first week, you knew that schooling at home was a certain disaster. But over time you have gained confidence. You have seen where your child is academically. You have noticed that you have solutions you didn’t think you had. There was a very large learning curve at the beginning, but then things leveled out and you got into a rhythm.

Now that you look back, you can see plenty of things you didn’t do well and lots of things you can learn from. You can also see that small successes grew to be more frequent and are having a larger impact than you imagined. Don’t let that momentum die. You can keep homeschooling after Coronovirus! Use that momentum to propel you into a summer of learning the next steps to homeschooling your children. Find out what each state requires and then get started.

Reason #5 - They are worth it

There are a thousand good reasons to homeschool your children, however, the number one reason to homeschool your children is that they are worth it.

The benefits to the child far outweigh the hurdles that you as a parent have to overcome to homeschool your children.

  • Children have more flexibility to learn at their own pace

  • Children benefit from having parents that spend more time with them.

  • Children see parents overcome challenges to help their children.

  • Children typically receive a better education through homeschooling.

  • Children have the opportunity to learn different things than a traditional school

The list of benefits could go on and on. By doing the hard work and taking the time to keep homeschooling after the Coronavirus you are not just giving them a great education but you are strengthening family ties and you are communicating love and support to your children through time invested in them. They are worth it.

Don’t just survive...THRIVE!