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How to Clean a Bathroom

If you are an adult then I bet you know how to clean a bathroom. What you are really looking for is more efficient ways to clean a bathroom. There are three keys to cleaning bathrooms that are simple to implement and make a huge difference in the amount of time it takes to get the cleaning done.

Key #1 – Right Cleaners

Everyday companies come out with new "miracle" cleaners. Some products are so specialized that they are hailed as the miracle cure for just one particular cleaning need. Others are so general that they claim to do everything under the sun.

What you really need is only what you will actually use.

Every time you go to clean a bathroom you have to think about which cleaner you should use. This takes brain power and precious time that is unnecessary. Instead, go to your cleaners’ cabinet and decide what you really use on a daily or weekly basis. This is probably what you have been using for years. If you could only keep a few cleaners what would they be? Maybe keep a few specialty items that you use infrequently but you know work. Get rid of the rest. This will free up brainpower that takes time to make a decision. It will also allow you to get started more quickly which means you will be finished sooner.

Key #2 – Right Tools

The same principles that we just applied to the cleaning products apply to the tools too! What tools do you use every time you clean a bathroom. What tools have you purchased that you don’t really use?

What you really need is what you actually use.

Pare down your tools to the tools you use every time and then keep a few others that you have found very helpful on occasion. Then get rid of the others that are just taking up room in your cabinet or closet. Having the right tools for the job makes the job easier, faster, and means you are more likely to tackle the job when needed.

Some of the standard tools for cleaning a bathroom are a cleaning cloth, scrub brush for the toilet, old toothbrush for cleaning in the corners, and paper towels for mirrors. Of course a broom and mop or Swiffer for the floors. I actually keep baby wipes in my bathroom for quick cleanings. Having the right tools will make the difference between you doing the job quickly or trying to avoid the job altogether.

Key #3 – Right Location

Most people put all of their cleaning supplies in one place. Maybe that location is under the kitchen sink or maybe in the laundry room or possibly even in the garage. Wherever your place is, you need to think about how many cleaners you have stored there. Is it hard to find what you are looking for? Do bottles always get knocked over in your search for something else? How far do you have to walk from the cleaner to the point of use? These are all clues that you should change your system.

The most efficient method of use for anything is to store it at the point of use.

When you store something at its point of use it is easily accessible and makes the job easier to accomplish. The bathroom is no different. To be more efficient at cleaning a bathroom you need to create a cleaning station in each of your bathrooms. Choose your favorite cleaner or two, a cloth, some paper towels, a toilet brush, and maybe a floor brush or a couple of items that you use all the time. Then you need to find a basket or container of some sort to hold everything under the sink or in the closet.

Organizing is all about creating systems so that you can think less about the mundane details of things you deal with all the time and instead you can easily complete the task at hand so that you have more time to do the things you love. Use these three simple tips to make cleaning your bathroom a breeze.

Done is better than perfect.

Don’t just survive...THRIVE!

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